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3-day PreK: Children Age 4+

Our 3-Day PreK Program provides a caring environment for children to feel welcomed and inspired to learn and play creatively. The learning environment is arranged into units and seasonal themes. The units and themes provide opportunities to further develop fine motor skills, learn how to follow directions, problem solve, and to work with others. Examples of the themes include: Insects, Around the World, Dinosaurs, and Artic Exploration. Children explore aspects of different places, culture, geography, cuisine, and landmarks.  Revolving learning centers based on these themes allow students to work with a variety of materials and media set out daily. Each child is provided with opportunities to create, experiment and discover. Children learn the importance of caring for themselves, their school and nature.


In the classroom, they are exposed to letters and their sounds, numbers, rhyming, classifying and sequencing. They learn to recognize and how to write their first and last name, learn about animal habitats, different cultures and observe seasonal changes in the weather. At circle, children learn the importance of listening to one another. Being able to speak in front of a small group is encouraged at circle to help build a stronger confidence, vocabulary and community. Development of fine and gross motor skills is also an important focus of this program.



Three days- Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:45 AM-1:00 PM or 8:45 AM-2:45 PM

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