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We’ve had such a tremendous experience at EDS. Our boys enjoyed new learning opportunities, exploring nature, and expanding friendships. We are forever grateful for the time our children had at this great school!



As a parent of 3 EDS students  we've been with the school for a total of 6 years and I wouldn't want my children to grow up anywhere else. In additon to being a parent I am a child clinical psychologist and a true believer in letting children learn through exploration, curiosity, and nature. If I could choose a way to foster learning in my children it would be the way EDS and the staff do it -  generating a natural love for learning through spending time outdoors, having so many options for child led learning in the classroom, and truly creating a small community of compassionate kiddos. 



We absolutely love Exeter Day School! When your child is excited to go to school every day to learn, play and explore, you know you have found the right place!   The most amazing teacher is the cherry on top.

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