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Preschool: Children Age 3

The primary goal of the Preschool Program is to create a comfortable and stimulating environment where students feel safe. Self expression, self help skills, colors, shapes, following directions, and creative arts are key parts of the curriculum taught through thematic units such as Nursery Rhymes, Farm Animals, Weather and Sink & Float.


Learning the components of our school routine, which includes cubbies, circle time, project time, and snack time, is a key focus so children know what to expect. Play, a major part of our program, is important for children to begin developing strong social skills. There is a high level of comfort in play, and the children gain confidence as they are able to choose for themselves. There are dramatic play areas within the classroom, and the themes are changed regularly. Some of the themes include a pizza restaurant, Chinese restaurant, animal hospital, and grocery store. During circle time, songs, flannel board stories or movement activities will be introduced. Through teacher directed play, the student will develop an awareness of numbers, shapes, and quantity during tabletop time.

Three year olds are true explorers and are offered a range of materials to keep them curious and confident. 



Three day- Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:45 AM-1:00 PM or 8:45 AM-2:45 PM

Two day- Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:45 AM-1:00 PM or 8:45 AM-2:45 PM

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